Lunacy: MSNBC Host Advises Dems to 'Pick Up A Weapon' in 'War' Over Future of Country

Lunacy: MSNBC Host Advises Dems to 'Pick Up A Weapon' in 'War' Over Future of Country

Another Democrat voter in the left-wing media is attempting to gaslight the country into civil war under the false pretense of trying to ‘save the country’ — from Republicans, of course, who very likely make up at least half the nation.

BizPac Review has more:

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross arguably fomented violence on Saturday during an interview with state Representative Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) when she told Democrats to “pick up a weapon and get involved” in the “war” for the survival of the country.

The discussion on the panel centered around alleged election interference concerning former President Donald Trump. Crockett is running for Congress in Texas and discussed with Cross how best to fight off Republicans who may object to election results in the future.

“How do we as a country protect this democracy when these folks don’t like the outcome of the next election, and Jasmine, you know, you’re running for Congress in Texas where this is a problem, where they have partisan poll watchers, an open-carry state. It’s a very fragile situation that we’re in right now,” Cross complained. “What’s your message to the people that you’re running to represent? And what’s your message to our viewers today?”

Crockett went on to talk of “the role that black women play in democracy” and how the media doesn’t address the issue enough — which, in and of itself is laughable, considering that the major media continually harp on such issues.

She then declared that she would fight for black women in the ongoing “war” against conservative Americans — without acknowledging that some black women vote for conservative and Republican candidates.

“You know, one of the things that I think we’re really not talking about, and I think you started to touch on it for a quick second, was the role that black women play in democracy. When you think about Georgia, you can’t think about Georgia without thinking about Latasha, and without thinking about Stacey. And when you look at the fact that the one prosecutor that’s going after that family is a black woman in Georgia, when you look at who’s going after that family in New York, it’s a black woman, right?” she remarked on MSNBC.

“And so there’s a bigger story that I think is brewing and that is that black women have consistently fought for our democracy on every single level, whether it was in the streets, whether it was in the halls of capitals, whether their state capitals, or the U.S. Capitol, or even as it relates to being able to prosecute, and I think that black women will continue to fight for our democracy,” the Texas Dem continued.

“And that’s exactly what I plan to do. I don’t plan to give up, you know, I know that I wouldn’t be here, but for those that fought before me, and so I’m going to continue this fight. We can’t let up. If we say we’ve been defeated, then they have won. But this is a war. This isn’t a battle, and we absolutely will win this war,” Crockett said.

It was at this point in the segment when Cross eagerly lept aboard the “war” wagon, even going on to suggest violence.

“It is indeed a war. And I have to say, they have won some battles, Jasmine, but we have to keep our eye on the war. And everybody needs to pick up a weapon and get involved because this is for the safety and lasting of the country,” she said to some nervous laughter from at least one member of the far-left panel on the network.

Imagine for a moment any Republican saying this. Or anyone on Fox News/Newsmax TV/OANN. Or Donald Trump.

But of course, they wouldn’t say that because since the 1960s the biggest agitators for violence in America have always been on the left.

And obviously, not much has changed.


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