Mark Levin Rips Al Franken For Comparing U.S. to 'Nazi Germany' After Vote Reform Fail

Mark Levin Rips Al Franken For Comparing U.S. to 'Nazi Germany' After Vote Reform Fail

Fox News personality Mark Levin blasted comedian and former U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) after the latter compared the United States today to Nazi Germany in the 1930s after his party failed to advance voting reform legislation.

Host Jesse Watters noted Franken took to the radio waves recently to complain about the failure by left-wing Democrats to pass the measure, which essentially would have federalized nearly all elections and struck down state voter integrity laws. He also reported that Franken was upset at the growing prospect that Republicans may take back Congress and eventually the White House in 2024.

“This is a serious one, and I just I think other people are feeling it, it feels like, I don’t know, 1933 Germany,” Franken said.

“And I’m just like, in a tavern and looking over the other table and there are guys in black jackboots and Nazi uniforms, and I’m going like, ‘Hmm. This looks bad, wonder how bad it can get,'” Franken added.

The comparison was offensive and ignorant, Levin — who is Jewish — responded.

“The idea that he would compare this to Nazism, we’re getting so far away from our history,” the host of Fox News’ “Life, Liberty, & Levin” said.

“Last week was the 80th anniversary of when the head Nazis got together to plan the Final Solution — How many television news shows even mentioned it? None that I’m aware of,” he added, referring to the Hitler regime’s confab to plan out the extermination of Jews.

“I don’t remember Al Franken commenting on that. I don’t remember a Day of Remembrance on the floor of the Congress on that. And I don’t remember all these news hosts mentioning that. So I’ll mention it now,” he continued.

“There are people watching this program, some of whom survived the Holocaust, some of whom have had parents in the Holocaust,” Levin said.

The top radio talker also said that Franken’s party currently controls all levers of legislative power in the federal government but that he is lashing out in an intentionally offensive manner because Democrats have failed to pass key pieces of President Biden’s agenda.

“[Franken made the comments because] the Democratic Party controls all aspects of this government and it doesn’t get everything it wants?” he asked rhetorically. “The Democrat Party wants to fundamentally transform this country, and the American people have said, no, they don’t want it.”

Levin went on to suggest that Franken view voter ID laws on Election Day the same way Democrats view “vaccine passports” in order to fully take part in society — policies that are now in force, via executive order, in Democrat-controlled cities including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York City.

“They talk about voting rights. It’s not about voting rights. You have a right to vote, but you don’t have a right to vote while you’re watching TV or while you’re in the kitchen or while you’re driving your car or whatever. You have a right to vote by getting off your backside and going in and voting and proving you are who you are,” Levin noted.

He went on to cite examples of lawlessness such as the ongoing rail robberies in L.A. as examples of Democrat-led “decriminalization” measures.

“Mayor after mayor that tolerates this sort of thing, that decriminalizes even minor offenses, that don’t believe in putting people in jail – when your prosecutors are elected, who prosecute certain people who are committing very minor offenses, but then allow other people to go who are committing offenses of moral turpitude and so forth, this is what you get,” he said.

“When Ronald Reagan was governor of California, none of that crap would be going on in L.A. or anyplace else for that matter.”


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