Laura Ingraham: First GOP Debate Proves 'Old Guard' Republican Party Is Gone

Laura Ingraham: First GOP Debate Proves 'Old Guard' Republican Party Is Gone

Fox News host Laura Ingraham delivered a brutal message to the GOP establishment following the first Republican primary debate on Wednesday: ‘Your days are numbered.’

During a show segment on Thursday, Ingraham said that, in her view, the “Old Guard” GOP is fading fast and is being replaced by a conservative populism that puts the American working class first, much like the Democratic Party circa the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

“So we have won this debate inside the GOP, period end of story. Now, it’s just a question of beating the Democrats and attracting more independents, which we are already doing,” Ingraham said.

“How many Americans today want our economy tied to China’s? How many are ra-raing our getting mired in more wars? How many want illegal aliens flooding our country? How many want our government weaponized against political enemies?” she continued.

“It’s happening at a state level tonight. How many people think that Hunter Biden was just an ambitious international capitalist or that his father wasn’t helping him? So, who won the debate last night? The American people won the debate last night. Because we showed, once again, that the Republican party is moving in a new direction,” she added.

The leader of the GOP field, former President Donald Trump — whose policies are also the most popular among GOP voters, Ingraham noted — spoke out about his arrest in Fulton County, Ga., following his booking and mugshot Thursday evening.

Trump turned himself in Thursday night at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, after being charged in District Attorney Fani Willis’ investigation into his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the state, Fox News reported.

Trump told FOX that officials in Georgia “insisted” on a mugshot.

“They insisted on a mugshot and I agreed to do that,” he said. “This is the only time I’ve ever taken a mugshot. It is not a comfortable feeling — especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“This is all about election interference,” Trump said. “It all comes through Washington and the DOJ and Crooked Joe Biden — nothing like this has ever happened in our country before.”


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