Latest 'Environmental' Trend Features Young Activists Pouring Milk Out in Grocery Stores

Latest 'Environmental' Trend Features Young Activists Pouring Milk Out in Grocery Stores

Another “environmental protest” trend has begun to spread across the Western world, and one could be coming to a grocery store near you.

According to Fox News, teens in the United Kingdom have begun to show up at stores to pour out cow-produced milk on the floor.

The animal rights group Animal Rebellion calls the protests “milk pours.”

“The dairy industry is incredibly environmentally destructive. The world’s top 5 meat and dairy corporations are now responsible for more GHG emissions than Exxon, Shell or BP,” the organization claimed in a tweet Saturday.

“We NEED a plant based future now,” the group added.


The activist organization said the “milk pours” took place at eight different locations Saturday, including London, Manchester, Norwich, and Edinburgh.

“Animal farming is THE leading cause of the loss of our wildlife and natural ecosystems,” the group claimed in another tweet while calling on the UK government to “support farmers in an urgent transition to a plant based food system and allow the freed up land to be rewilded in order to restore wildlife populations.”

This, literally, while people are starving to death around the world.

Fox News added: “Several countries around the world have imposed regulations on the agriculture industry, such as limits on nitrogen emissions caused by dairy production. Environmentalists have encouraged the use of dairy alternatives, such as almond, soy, coconut and oat milk, though these too have been criticized.”

The outlet also said that in order to combat ‘climate change,’ the Biden regime is considering imposing new regulations on the U.S. agricultural industry, as if the prices Americans are currently paying for food — thanks to Biden’s inflationary policies and war on fossil fuels — aren’t high enough.

“In 2020, the EPA estimated that 11% of the U.S.’s total greenhouse gas emissions came from the agriculture sector, compared to 27% from transportation, 25% from energy, and 24% from industry,” Fox News reported.


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