Kari Lake Says RNC Needs 'New Leadership'

Kari Lake Says RNC Needs 'New Leadership'

A recent interview featuring Kari Lake shows the Arizona Gubernatorial candidate calling for new leadership in the Republican National Committee.

“I think we probably need some new leadership and I, you know, I would thank Ronna for her service, but we’ve had some big setbacks and I think you can’t keep regarding failure, and we need some new blood,” she said.

“We need somebody who will step forward. If we would have done more in 2020 after that botched election, to do more to shore up our elections, and if it was coming from the RNC, I think we would have not found ourselves in this position in 2022.

“I’m excited and I think the grassroots is excited to see somebody in there who will represent them and consider the grassroots more than has been done in the past three or four years,” Lake concluded.

Lake’s comments come as a leadership race for the RNC kicks off, with many calling for current RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to step aside, though she plans to run for reelection.

According to journalist Benny Johnson, “inside source is at the RNC tell me that Romney McDaniel’s campaign is in FREE FALL.”

An RNC official told Johnson that the McDaniel campaign is “an implosion,” as dozens of state officials walk about their endorsements of her.

Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon is running against McDaniel, who told Laura Ingraham in an interview that a “culture of retribution and you know, sort of transactional relationships.”

“I’ve actually been kind of appalled by some of the things I’ve heard over the last two weeks as I’ve begun making phone calls to members and so I pledge to turn that around Laura,” Dhillon said.

“We cannot have a top-down, consultant-driven 1990s, 2000s era get fat off of media and direct mail and not do efficient changes that are necessary to compete with the Democrats,” the added. “The Democrats aren’t running campaigns like they were back in the day.”

MyPillow creator Mike Lindell is also running for the position.


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