'Non-Binary' Drag Queen Biden Invited to White House Said Drag is 'For Children'

'Non-Binary' Drag Queen Biden Invited to White House Said Drag is 'For Children'

The Biden administration has once again caused a major stir that, if the mainstream media were not in the pocket of the Democratic Party, would have blown up into a huge scandal.

Just a day after the departure of non-binary Biden Energy Dept. official Sam Brinton after being charged with two counts of felony luggage theft, President Biden invited yet another non-binary drag queen to the White House who has advocated that drag is “for children.”

Townhall reported:

The president and First Lady Jill Biden welcomed “drag artist” Marti G. Cummings, who uses “they/them” pronouns, to attend Tuesday’s signing ceremony of the Respect for Marriage Act. In return, Cummings thanked the Bidens across social media for the warm reception and shared the White House invitation “request[ing] the pleasure of your company.”

Cummings is a Drag Queen Story Hour performer and once showed up in a full skimpy drag outfit singing “Baby Shark” on the counter of a bar to a small toddler-age child, as seen in a video he shared as part of a March 2019 tweet, which is limited, by the way, to certain viewers.

Per Townhall:

At the beginning of the 20-second clip, Cummings’s legs—stuffed inside leather thigh-high black boots—were spread out in the toddler’s direction before the transvestite dressed in a leotard suit sat cross-legged and crotch-facing towards the seated child. The little boy partook in “drag roulette” at the New Jersey restaurant, Cummings told NBC News.

“Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong,” Cummings tweeted after posting the clip. “Drag is expression, and children are such judgment-free beings; they don’t really care what you’re wearing, just what you’re performing.”

In a follow-up Twitter thread, Cummings ranted that it’s “the same when I do Drag Queen Story Hour.” Children “don’t care that I am a gay man in a dress; they care about the story I am reading.

“It would be nice if us adults could let the child inside of us out for a little bit, so maybe we could all be a little more accepting of others ourselves,” he added.

The only thing worse than this person being allowed to ‘perform’ drag for children is that parents and other adults facilitate this lunacy by exposing their kids to it.

Our society is sick when we look at this kind of stuff that children are exposed to and think in any way, shape, or form that it is okay. That our president would enable it and even celebrate it is unconscionable.


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