Joe Rogan: Mainstream Media's Ukraine Coverage Totally Different Now

Joe Rogan: Mainstream Media's Ukraine Coverage Totally Different Now

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan discussed the differences in how the media covered Ukraine before the war and after the war.

The discussion came with retired CIA Agent Mike Baker, who frequently comes on the show to discuss foreign and domestic political issues.

Rogan discussed the topic because he was recently sent a screenshot showing the differences.

“I have this screenshot that someone sent me about the way the people on the left were talking about the Ukraine situation before the war,” he said to Baker.

“… This is one of the things that’s so weird is that they were very disparaging of Ukraine, and they were talking about the massive corruption of Ukraine, and how horrible it was over there.

“And now, all of a sudden, they’re looking at it like they’re heroes. The same exact people. This is what’s confusing.”

Rogan goes on to list several articles that disparage Ukraine, such as:

“Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe”

” A new Europe: Ukrainian president’s rule becomes increasingly corrupt and authoritarian”

“Ukrainian President Zelensky deepens alliance with the far-right”

He also touches briefly on Ukraine’s “Nazi problem,” something that was well documented before war times, that has received much less media attention since Russia’s invasion.

He also touched on Meta’s decision to allow violence and hate speech against Russian attackers, saying “what the f**k is that? What is that?”


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