Joe Rogan GOES OFF on 'Creepy Dictator' Justin Trudeau

Joe Rogan GOES OFF on 'Creepy Dictator' Justin Trudeau

Podcast host Joe Rogan slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his dictatorial leadership style that came to international attention during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protests.

Rogan was discussing the topic with Canadian professor Gad Saad on the latest episode of his podcast. Rogan reasoned that taxes were higher in Canada because, at one time, there was a system that worked that helped the public access schooling and healthcare more easily.

“People were friendlier, it seemed like a great system… but then, when you have a creepy f*cking dictator for a prime minister, that’s what he is. The way he behaves, the way he behaved during this thing, the disingenuous way that he communicated, it freaked me out, because I never thought that guy was like that,” said Rogan.

Rogan said that he once liked Trudeau, and thought that he could have been a good leader for Canada.

“I thought he was a handsome fella with a good vocabulary and seems like a nice guy. Before he really leaned into the woke stuff, I thought he was a kind, sensitive guy, and I thought ‘that’s probably a good disposition to be a leader.'” But just the way he labeled those truckers as racist for no reason, the people that were protesting against mandates, he decided that they were misogynists and racists.”

“The way he did it. He just cast a pejorative label on them with no evidence, with no provocation, it was just like ‘I’m going to label them this so that I can impose laws to stop them from doing what is essentially a peaceful protest.'”


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