Joe Rogan Blasts Wokeness After Cops Request For Robots to 'Use Deadly Force'

Joe Rogan Blasts Wokeness After Cops Request For Robots to 'Use Deadly Force'

Top podcaster Joe Rogan took woke culture to task again after a police department in far-left California sought permission for its robots to “use deadly force.”

The “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast posted a news story to its Instagram page on Thursday that said, “San Francisco Police Seek Permission for its Robots to Use Deadly Force.”

“What could go wrong using robots to kill people in a land where men can get pregnant and billions of dollars can be lost as amphetamine popping incels manage made up money,” Rogan captioned his post. “WE’RE FIIIIINE.”


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Several people responded negative to the post.

“Drop your weapon… You have 15 seconds to comply…” actor Mario Lopez wrote, channeling the 1980s sci-fi thriller “Robocop.”

Gun rights activist Colion Noir wrote, “No, No, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

“Nope,” another person wrote.

Another user quipped, “For our safety, of course.”

“They don’t even allow their police officers to use their guns…” athlete Wes Kitts wrote.

Music artist Mr. Smash, Steve Orosco, said, “How long before liberals start calling Robots racist?”

Another person remarked, “I feel like there’s a movie about this…. ‘I’ll be back'” — a reference to the film “The Terminator.”

The podcaster’s post came after San Francisco officials proposed a new policy that would see department robots licensed to kill suspects who are threatening the lives of officers and citizens.

“Robots will only be used as a deadly force option when risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD,” the policy says.


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