Police: Man Heaving Bricks At Gay Bar In NYC Was Actually A Gay Man Enacting ‘Revenge'

Police: Man Heaving Bricks At Gay Bar In NYC Was Actually A Gay Man Enacting ‘Revenge'

Once again, allegations of “right-wing hate crimes” against the LGBTQ community have turned out to be totally false.

Police in New York City say that a string of attacks on a gay bar was actually carried out by a gay man in acts of revenge.

Over the past month, owners of VERS, a gay bar in the Hell’s Kitchen section of the Big Apple, have seen bricks being tossed through the establishment’s windows on four separate occasions, the Daily Wire reports. Right away, leftists in NYC proclaimed the attacks as being motivated by something sinister on the right.

“The epidemic of anti-LGBTQ+ violence is national,” Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine tweeted. “A well-known gay bar on Manhattan’s west side has been attacked repeatedly in recent weeks. We can not stand for this.”

His tweet contained a video clip of what appears to be a man in a coat tossing a brick at the business in front of witnesses.

New York City Councilmember Erik Bottcher, who represents the area, added with an air of confidence, “These are hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community.”

But in fact, a suspect has been charged in the incidents: 34-year-old Sean Kuilan, who is gay himself. So no, these aren’t “hate crimes” in that sense.

New York Chief of Detectives James Essig said that Kuilan allegedly vandalized the bar in defense of a girl he knows.

“Basically, what he says [is] he knows a girl who had a problem with one of the guys in the bar, and he was ‘exacting revenge,’” Essig told the New York Post. “As of right now we don’t have any reason to believe it is [a hate crime].”

Kuilan told police, “I’m gay myself,” as he was taken for a court appearance last week, The Post added.

The Daily Wire, in an op-ed, noted:

Unlike other hate crime hoaxes, the suspect here doesn’t appear as if he is trying to perpetuate a false narrative.

For example, Jussie Smollett, perhaps the most famous hate crime hoax, used his celebrity status to push the notion that roaming bands of MAGA thugs were traversing through Chicago in the dead of night beating up Hollywood celebrities for being gay and liberal.

It obviously wasn’t true, but much of legacy media spun the narrative that conservatives had unleashed hate across the country.  Smollett was all too eager to go along with it, perhaps to boost his own street cred in the entertainment industry.

As of this writing, the two tweets from the white, liberal New York City elected officials have not been taken down, so the gaslighting continues.


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