Joe Biden Laughs off Recession Talk, Accuses Journalist of Sounding like a 'Republican Politician'

Joe Biden Laughs off Recession Talk, Accuses Journalist of Sounding like a 'Republican Politician'

President Joe Biden seems to still be in denial that he is leading the United States into a recession, and even said that anyone who says so much sounds like a “Republican politician.”

Biden made the comments in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where the president recently made headlines after he forgot the training wheels for his bike.

During a press gaggle, one member of the press said that people in Congress are saying that a recession is “even more likely than ever,” to which Biden said, ” Not — the majority of them aren’t saying that. Come on, don’t make things up, okay? Now you’re sounding like a Republican politician. I’m joking. That was a joke.

But all kidding aside — no, I don’t think it is. I was talking to Larry Summers this morning. And there’s nothing inevitable about a recession.

Biden then pivoted to healthcare, saying “I — here’s what I think we’re going to be able to do. I think we’re going to be able to get a change in Medicare and a reduction in the cost of insulin.”

Without prompt, the president continued: Insulin — if you know anybody who has Type 2 diabetes or has a child who has it, they need the shots during the week. It could cost them up to 1,000 bucks a week. And it may not cost more than $35.

“And they’re still going to make three and a half times what they invested in in the insulin.

The president continued by slamming “Trump’s tax cut,” which he called “inflation.”

“We also can move in a direction that we can provide for the tax — increasing the tax — taxes on those in the — in the corporate area, as well as the individuals as it relates to Trump’s tax cut, which is inflation. You know, if you’re going out and buying a yacht, it doesn’t help the economy a whole lot.

He then mentioned his mother: And we also — I’m working with our team is — to put together, at the same time — my dear mother used to have an expression: “Out of everything lousy, something good will happen if you look hard enough for it.”

“We have a chance here to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles — and not just electric vehicles, but across the board. And that’s something we should be — my team is going to be sitting down with the CEOs of the major oil companies this week and try to get an explanation of how they justify making $35 billion on the first quarter.”


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