Jordan Demands New Hunter Biden Documents From Justice Department

Jordan Demands New Hunter Biden Documents From Justice Department

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has issued a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding the department turn over documentation regarding the DOJ’s investigation into the suspected illegal activities of Hunter Biden and an interview with Special Counsel David Weiss. According to The Hill,

According to The Hill, in what the outlet termed a “sweeping request” for information, Jordan has called upon the DOJ to turn over the documents related to IRS whistleblowers Agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

As reported Monday on, Hunter has launched a lawsuit against the IRS, alleging that the agents and the agency itself “targeted and sought to embarrass” the President’s son.

In the letter, Jordan sets a date of October 11th for an interview with Weiss, who previously expressed his willingness to speak with the committee, The Hill noted. The panel has also requested interviews with additional officials at the top of the DOJ mentioned in the whistleblowers’ testimony, such as U.S. Attorney for D.C. Matthew Graves and Lesley Wolf, a deputy serving under Weiss.

According to the outlet, Jordan has requested a significant volume of documents, including a PowerPoint presentation about the investigation, along with any notes or emails that were generated in relation to an Oct. 7th meeting that Shapley referred to during his testimony. During this meeting, Weiss reportedly requested and was denied the status of special counsel, which prevented him from pursuing charges against Biden outside the State of Delaware.

At issue is also the testimony of FBI agent Thomas Sobocinski of the Baltimore field office when he told Congress that he could not recall Weiss making the claim that he was prevented from requesting special counsel status.

He said in the transcribed interview with the committee, “My memory of this is that it was a process or a bureaucracy thing he moves through, not a permission or authority issue.” His testimony challenged that of Shapley’s and reflected the official line that Weiss had “total authority” to pursue charges against Hunter Biden in any jurisdiction.

Speaking with The Washington Examiner Tuesday about the “two big issues” in the upcoming investigation, Jordan pointed to the fairness of the prosecutions led by special counsels Weiss and Jack Smith. He said, “I think that the top issues are going to be David Weiss, this [Hunter Biden] investigation.”

I think there’s certainly going to be questions — what we’ll see, he probably will try to not answer, but there’ll be questions on Jack Smith, as well,” he added.

He also objected to Weiss being named special counsel as this is typically a designation reserved for prosecutors working outside the DOJ.

“One of the themes that the country sees is you’ve got now David Weiss named a special counsel, the same guy who for four and a half years tried to make this all go away,” Jordan said. “Every witness we’ve talked to has told us how they were frustrated at the pace of this investigation, how it was slow-walked, how there was no real urgency to try to get it done in their minds, so you’ve got David Weiss, the special counsel here it looks like to protect Joe Biden.”


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