Daughter Of Top Biden Official Linked to Cuban Communist Group: Report

Daughter Of Top Biden Official Linked to Cuban Communist Group: Report

An explosive, in-depth report from ADN America has revealed that the daughter of Biden administration Secretary of the Interior and environmental extremist Deb Haaland has links to an organization that successfully petitioned the department to implement an aggressive oil and gas drilling ban in New Mexico and also has connections to the Venceremos Brigade (VB), a group that orchestrates trips to Cuba where young Americans are “greeted and groomed by Cuban intelligence agents.”

According to ADN’s Gelet Martinez Fragela, herself a “Cuban journalist, television producer, and political refugee,” Haaland’s daughter Somah began working with the organization Pueblo Action Alliance (PAA) in 2020. PAA is an indigenous rights group that “openly associates with the VB, and whose executive director, Julia Bernal, traveled with the group to Cuba the year before where it was hosted by the Institute of Friendship Along with the Peoples (ICAP)” This institute is reportedly sponsored by the Castro regime, and was led by notorious Cuban spy Fernando González Llort, a man who was sentenced to prison here in the U.S. on espionage charges.

In May, according to The Washington Examiner, Secretary Haaland was challenged on the ethical considerations of her daughter’s involvement with PAA. The Western Energy Alliance has called for an investigation into “the secretary’s connections to her daughter’s activities and lobbying,” according to the outlet.

ADN wrote that Enrique García Díaz, a former Cuban intelligence officer prior to his defection to the U.S., told the outlet in an interview that Cuban intelligence uses ICAP as a cover to make contact with “solidarity movements” in the U.S. like PAA.

“I knew and had friendships with various chiefs and officials who operated under the cover of working for ICAP,” he told ADN.

“DGI officers used the ICAP’s façade to interact with foreign delegations in Cuba, and we systematically coordinated those activities with ICAP officials working in different countries, “They organized everything, even the tours we took guests on throughout the country, and so on. I had colleagues and friends operating inside the U.S. and Canada who told me they participated in all the Brigade’s visits to Cuba on behalf of the intelligence service. Naturally, they used the ICAP’s façade for studying and recruiting foreigners who ”traveled to Cuba with the Brigade.”

A former Defense Intelligence Agency operative renowned for catching Cuban spies, Chris Simmons, told Martinez Fragela that the Brigade and ICAP making contact with U.S. officials or their family members is a cause for concern.

“ICAP has been running for so long, it is a well-oiled machine, and as the visas and the passports come in, it does triage over which [American] candidates should be targeted [for recruitment] and the best ways to go about it,” he explained in a telephone interview.

“In this case, you have the daughter of an administration official, who has built-in access to her mother and her connections… This enables her to give a heads up [to others] who her mother has problems with, and who is and who is not friends with Cuba,” he added.


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