If Pfizer CEO Meant This, Biden Should Be Locked Up For Being a Misinformation 'Criminal'

If Pfizer CEO Meant This, Biden Should Be Locked Up For Being a Misinformation 'Criminal'

The head of Pfizer says that anyone who spreads so-called “misinformation” about COVID-19, which essentially amounts to anything that is not currently being touted as “acceptable” by the big pharmacy conglomerates, is a criminal and should be dealt with according.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has declared that many of these people are professionals who “circulate, on purpose, misinformation” regrading the mRNA vaccinations.

“They’re not [just] bad people, they’re criminals. Because they literally have costed millions of lives,” he declared during a telecast with Frederick Kempe, CEO of the Atlantic Council, a supposed nonpartisan think tank.

Notes Dr. Mike Landry, Ph.D., writing at the Western Journal:

So who are these professionals? Dissenting researchers? Doctors treating patients with the Drugs Which Must Not Be Named? Nurses losing their jobs because of the vaccine mandate?

What about the president of the United States, Joe Biden? He’s a professional. Is he a criminal? If we follow Bourla’s reasoning, he would be.

Several times throughout the course of the pandemic, Biden has said things to large audiences which contradict White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“You’re not gonna get COVID if you get these vaccinations,” Biden has said in the past.

But the nation’s lead immunologist has told the American people as well, “It is important to remember…that infections after vaccination are expected.”

“Now, in all likelihood, Bourla would not say Joe Biden is a criminal. He would say Uncle Joe’s just wrong. And Bourla said a lot of people are refusing to take the COVID vaccine for reasons which are largely not nefarious,” writes Landry.

Bourla says those folks are just afraid.

“There are two groups of people, alright, there are the people that — they are vaccinated [and] there are the people that are skeptical about the vaccination, and both of them are afraid,” he noted.

“Those that are getting the vaccine, they are afraid of the disease and they believe, because people are not getting vaccinated, [the unvaccinated] are increasing the risk to them, they are increasing the exposure, so they are mad with them because they don’t get the vaccine,” the CEO continued.

“Those that don’t get the vaccine, they’re afraid of the vaccine and they are mad with the people that are oppressing them to get it,” Bourla added.

“Those I understand — they are very good people, they are decent people, but they have a fear and I understand it and they don’t want to take chances.”

“But there is a very small part of professionals, which they circulate, on purpose, misinformation so that they will mislead those that they have concerned. Those who are criminals. They’re not [just] bad people, they’re criminals. Because they literally have costed millions of lives.”

Millions? Is that even accurate, given that COVID-19 has such a high recovery rate? Globally, as of this writing, more than 252.5 million people have contracted the virus; of those, just over 5 million have died, and the bulk of those deaths were victims who had preexisting conditions.

So isn’t Bourla actually guilty of ‘deadly misinformation’ himself — a criminal act?

He goes on to claim that professional dissenting “criminals” are profiting by pushing “conspiracy theory.”

“People want [to] make money — some of them — by playing with the emotions of these people [and] are creating a whole conspiracy theory and they are trying to basically to benefit and profit from this fear of the people. And this is who are the criminals,” he noted.

Landry goes on to summarize:

Maybe those at most risk can receive some reduction in the chance of getting COVID-19 from an experimental vaccine presented without legal liability on the part of companies like Bourla’s.

But confidence in a company like Pfizer is not increased when its CEO describes professionals who disagree as criminals.


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