Only 6 Healthy Kids Died Of COVID-19 In Full Year, Study Shows

Only 6 Healthy Kids Died Of COVID-19 In Full Year, Study Shows

Schools were closed, kids were made to attend school from their homes and now a massive campaign has begun to vaccinated kids, and the data now shows that there is no reason for it.

In a 12-month period, a total of six otherwise healthy kids died from COVID-19, data from the National Health Service in the United Kingdom showed, The Independent reported.

Four died from Covid, while two developed a Kawasaki-like inflammatory condition called Pims-TS, caused by the virus.

The data calls into question the wisdom of closing schools and forcing children to spend months at home when the health risk to under-18s is so small.

Experts from NHS England, Public Health England and several universities and hospitals analyzed official death figures in England between March last year and this February.

Their findings, published in the journal Nature Medicine on Thursday, showed that more than 3,100 children died during the study period, but only 61 had Covid. 

When the numbers are looked into more it found that of the 61 who died when they were infected only 25 of those died dude to COVI-19 and only six of those were otherwise healthy and did not have underlying conditions.

“Any death of a child is one too many, but we sadly must recognize that there are over 3,000 deaths of children and young people in England in ordinary years,” Prof Russell Viner, who was one of the authors of the study and a professor of adolescent health at University College London, said.

“The great majority of those who died were children and young people we know are sadly at much higher risk of death due to other serious medical conditions. I emphasize that this doesn’t mean children with allergies or asthma, but those very small groups who were vulnerable to winter viruses in any previous year,” he said.

The virus did not contribute to death in the majority of cases, around 60 percent, and the majority of the others had a “life-limiting” chronic condition.

“They also said that, during the study period, almost half a million under-18s contracted Covid, giving an infection fatality rate of five per 100,000 people. That means that if a child tests positive for the virus, they have a 99.995 percent chance of surviving,” The Independent said.

There are more than 12 million minors in England meaning that COVID-19 kills two per million or 0.0002 percent.

“All 13 [children] who died of Sars-Cov-2 with a neurological comorbidity had a complex neurodisability due to a combination of an underlying genetic or metabolic condition, hypoxic ischemic events or prematurity,” the researchers said.

“Eight of the 13 who had a neurological comorbidity also had a respiratory comorbidity, including five who required home respiratory support, four with non-invasive ventilation or high-flow oxygen and one with low-flow oxygen,” they said.

Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that in 2020 only 20 people younger than 19 died of COVID-19 but data so far from 2021 shows that this year 48 have died.

“We don’t have updated data on this for the last six months, although we will in the future,” the professor said. “Paediatricians across the country believe that these findings still broadly hold – that children are at extremely low risk of death from this virus.

“Most deaths of children with a positive test are not related to Covid but reflect the commonality of infection in the population, and that the children at most risk are those who have always been at higher risk – those with serious other medical conditions,” he said.

The study showed that the majority of symptoms in kids were minor and included a sore throat and tiredness.

“UsforThem have argued since 2020 that pandemic measures must be proportionate and non-damaging to children, Molly Kingsley, the co-founder of the campaign group UsForThem, said to The Telegraph:

“Whilst every child death is a tragedy, this study reconfirms what we have known for a while – that the vast majority of children are at minimal risk from Covid-19.

“This raises a serious question about the appropriateness of this government’s Covid response as it applies to children – for whom school closures, mask-wearing, exam cancellation and isolation have had a devastating impact,” she said.


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