Hunter Biden's Business Partner Visited the White House 27 TIMES

Hunter Biden's Business Partner Visited the White House 27 TIMES

Hunter Biden’s business partner visited the White House 27 times during the Obama-Biden era, Fox News reports.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Eric Schwerin, visited the White House eight times in 2016. This would increase the number of visits during the Obama and Biden era to 27.

Schwerin met with staffers, as well as Biden, in 2010.

Biden said during the Teacher of the Year event at the White House on Wednesday that the reason he entered politics was to prevent corruption. The very same type of corruption that he is an active participant in.

“The greatest sin that anyone can commit is the abuse of power,” he said.

Sen. Ted Cruz commented on the revelations surrounding Biden and the younger Biden’s business dealings, along with the controversy around the laptop from hell.

“It’s increasingly obvious that Hunter Biden’s business revolved around providing access to his father and the highest levers of power,” Sen. Ted Cruz told the New York Post. “It reeks of pay-to-play.”

Fox News reports: “Schwerin also met with Anne Marie Person, who served as a general assistant at Rosemont until 2014 before joining Biden’s office, at least three times between February and June 2016, a Fox News Digital review found. According to White House visitor logs, Schwerin met her in Biden’s “West Wing” office on Feb. 24, April 8, and June 9. It is unclear if Biden was present for the meetings.”


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