Human Events Daily, Frontlines added to Real America's Voice Lineup

Human Events Daily, Frontlines added to Real America's Voice Lineup

Turning Point USA’s shows Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec and Frontlines with Drew Hernandez will now be streaming on Real America’s Voice, according to a press release on Monday.

“Turning Point USA has officially added two of the most popular grassroots conservative online shows to the daily news lineup on Real America’s Voice — Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec, and Frontlines with Drew Hernandez,” TPUSA said in a press release.

“Americans all over the country can access independent news coverage on the Real America’s Voice app — free from corporate regulation and mainstream narrative — for hard-hitting analysis and reporting every weekday from TPUSA Contributors, Jack Posobiec and Drew Hernandez,” they noted.

Human Events Daily, hosted by Jack Posobiec, will stream on Real America’s Voice at 10 pm EST.

Posobiec gives “a frontline look at the biggest events in Washington D.C impacting ordinary Americans, along with observations highlighting key international affairs concerning America’s geopolitical threats, foreign interests, and more.”

“The success of Human Events Daily, which hasn’t even reached its full year yet, shows that there is a market for honest reporting and analysis done in a clear and concise manner. We live up to the motto of our show every day: be good, be brief, be gone. But our new partnership with Real Americas Voice shows that our program will be around for years to come,” Posobiec saud in a comment.

Frontlines with Drew Hernandez “offers Americans from coast-to-coast a harrowing look into the riots, protests, and continued unrest symptomatic of the radical Left’s violent war on America’s values and traditions.” It will air after Human Events Daily at 10:30 pm EST.

Both shows will stream on Mondays through Fridays.

Turning Point USA says that they believe the shows will help “win back the leftwing narrative online, on-campus, and across the country for American patriots of all ages.”


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