Hispanics Continue to Bail On Democrats With Double-Digit Decline in Support: Survey

Hispanics Continue to Bail On Democrats With Double-Digit Decline in Support: Survey

A new survey shows that Democrats are continuing to lose ground with Hispanic and Latino Americans.

The NBC News & Telemundo poll, released Monday, found that 54 percent of Latinos are in favor of a Democrat-controlled Congress, while 33 percent said they favored a GOP-controlled Legislative Branch.

But that 21 percent difference is the lowest on record and is down double digits from a 42 percent advantage for Dems in the same survey taken in 2012. Then, Democrats were preferred over Republicans 65-23 percent.

In addition, the survey found that Latinos largely do not approve of the Biden administration’s handling of key policies that have become issues for Democrats during the midterms: More than 50 percent of Hispanics said they don’t approve of Biden’s “border security and immigration” policies which have come to the forefront after illegal migrant crossings have soared to new records.

Meanwhile, 54 percent do not approve of Biden and Dems’ handling of the economy, and 60 percent disagreed with how he is addressing the “cost of living.”

“Margins matter,” noted Aileen Cardona-Arroyo, a polling expert from Hart Research Associates, who conducted the poll on behalf of NBC & Telemundo. Bill McInturff, who took part in the survey as well, added: “Being down by 20 points is a lot better [for Republicans] than being down by 40 points.”

The Daily Caller adds:

Among the issues that most motivated them to vote, respondents ranked the “cost of living,” “threats to democracy,” “jobs and the economy,” and “immigration and border security” as their top four issues. About 24% also said that a candidate’s views on abortion could swing their vote, regardless of their position on other issues.

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, Democratic candidates have made “abortion rights” a central argument to voters in races across the country. Per the survey, 60% of Latinos said that abortion should be legal in, at least, most circumstances, while 55% disapproved of the Supreme Court’s decision.

For certain, the political tide within the Hispanic and Latino community in America, the country’s largest minority group, is shifting: For the first time in our history, a large plurality of Hispanics are becoming and voting for Republicans, thanks to the abject left-wing cultural lunacy the Democratic Party has embraced. Not only that, but they consider one gaffe after another, most made by white liberals, as insulting to their community.

“The far left are destroying the American dream. When I was little my family legally immigrated to America. They taught me conservative values: faith, family, & hard work. I will not let the far left & socialist policies by the Biden Administration destroy this great country,” Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) said in July noting that she constantly worries about her Border Patrol agent husband.

Flores flipped a seat that had been in Democrat hands for 150 years during a special election earlier in the month, which political analysts predicted was a sign of things to come in the midterms.


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