'Laughs In Your Face': Jesse Watters Takes Down Dem Mayors Who Refuse to Get Tough on Crime

'Laughs In Your Face': Jesse Watters Takes Down Dem Mayors Who Refuse to Get Tough on Crime

Popular Fox News host Jesse Watters laced into Democratic mayors of major cities around the country whose refusal to get tough on crime is enabling violent, deadly behavior and endangering citizens’ lives.

In his brutal takedown of the mayors, he cited one in particular who “just laughs in your face” about safety concerns, the Daily Caller reported.

“You see, they don’t want a conversation. They don’t want a debate. They don’t want to be challenged at all. They just want to bury any information that can prove them wrong. Here, doing the same thing on climate as they are on crime,” Watters said.

“People don’t feel safe anymore, especially on subways. Socialist politician Tiffany Caban calls herself a queer abolitionist…I don’t know what that means,” he said, in reference to the current New York City Councilwoman for the 22nd District.

“Subway violence is actually a one-in-a-million event and she tells us we really, really shouldn’t be scared and fall victim to the fear-mongering from politicians and the media. If you watch ‘Primetime,’ we have covered subway shootings, stabbings, rapes and robberies and, not to mention, subway terror attacks,” he said.

The host went on to reference an attack last month on a security guard in a New York City subway station. On Friday, Waheed Foster, 41, was charged with attempted murder and assault by the district attorney in Queens, a press release noted.

People are dealing with mentally ill tweakers taking their clothes off. Look at this guy all over the place. And if we are crunching numbers, you are actually over a thousand times more likely to be attacked on a subway than being killed by the police,” Watters added. “Yet, this councilwoman wants to defund the police and empty the prisons. Oh, and she doesn’t want you to call 911 when something bad is about to go down.”

He then referenced another incident that involved a homeless man who repeatedly threw feces at a store owner in Los Angeles, and the lack of a response from the district councilwoman, a Democrat named Nithya Raman, Fox News noted.

“Now she is claiming she is the real victim. Raman, like the noodle, is upset that ‘Primetime’ mentioned her just a few weeks ago and when we told her she wasn’t doing her job. The people being smeared with the feces aren’t the victims here. She is,” Watters said.

“She says she is putting a dent in homelessness. So, Raman, like the noodle, thinks mean tweets and voicemails are worse than getting hit in the face with dookie, and claims homelessness is down in L.A., when it’s actually up by 12% despite the billions they’ve spent. So, she’s a liar and denier like the nut job in New York. Worried about safety in Portland? The mayor just laughs in your face,” Watters added.



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