GROOMER ALERT: Psaki Endorses Teaching Young Children About Gender Identity

GROOMER ALERT: Psaki Endorses Teaching Young Children About Gender Identity

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Chris Wallace on the now-dead streaming service CNN+ that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill was for the good of children to learn about gender identity.

Even host Chris Wallace said he had problems with the bill, to which Psaki responded saying that the bill was stopping children from being themselves.

“Don’t parents have a right to have a concern? I mean, we’re talking specifically here about teaching about sex in kindergarten through third grade. I have to say, as a parent, I would have problems with that,” asked Wallace.

“But the law is not about teaching sex education. It’s about teaching about gender identity. And so what do you do if a parent or a kid, should I say a kid, in one of these elementary schools says, ‘What about Sally, Sally has two moms’ or ‘I’m not sure if I’m a girl or a boy,'” Psaki responded.

The bill does not prevent teachers from talking about same-sex parents.

“I mean, these are kids who are experiencing, you know, these moments in their lives. I also think that these are not — there is not a big record of there being either sex education or extensive gender identity education in these schools and this is creating a problem or a political cudgel about an issue that I don’t think exists,” Psaki said.

The press secretary recently cried on a podcast regarding the bill, saying that the political right was using children’s sex as a wedge issue to “win a culture war.”

“And they’re doing that in a way that is harsh and cruel to a community of kids especially.”

Psaki cried, saying “I’m, like gonna get, I’m gonna get emotional about this issue because I just, it’s horrible, but, but y’know, it’s like kids who were bullied and it’s just like all these leaders are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and hurt their families.”

“And you look at some of these laws, these states and it is going after parents who are in loving relationships who have kids, it’s completely outrageous,” she said.


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