GOP Candidate Ramaswamy Roasts 'Climate Change Cultists' Who Are 'Hungry For A Cause'

GOP Candidate Ramaswamy Roasts 'Climate Change Cultists' Who Are 'Hungry For A Cause'

Republican presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy shredded so-called climate change “cultists” over what he perceives as their outsized and irrational concerns about the future of the planet because he thinks they are “hungry for a cause” to believe in after the Democrat left has blown apart traditional values.

In an interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Ramaswamy was asked to respond to a video clip of President Joe Biden claiming that human-caused “climate change” is “the only existential threat” we face, even more so than nuclear holocaust.

“I believe it is not. I believe that eight times as many people die of cold temperatures rather than warm ones. The right answer to all temperature-related deaths is more abundant access to fossil fuels. There has been a 98% reduction in climate disaster-related deaths (hurricanes, tornados, heat waves) over the last century, owing to more access to fossil fuels,” the GOP candidate said.

“With respect, I disagree with President Biden. The heightened threat of nuclear war is actually as high as it’s been since the end of the Cold War. I’m worried about marching our way into major armed conflict with the Russia-China alliance,” he continued. “I see that as a greater threat in any foreseeable future than is the threat of an incremental increase in global surface temperatures.”

Varney then asked if Ramaswamy believes he is going against his own Millennial generation with his views since a majority of them believe in human-caused climate change, according to surveys.

“I’m younger than any other candidate. I am bucking the trend because we have to speak the truth. What is going on with young people in this country is we are hungry for a cause, we are starved for purpose and meaning,” he said.

“At a time when faith and patriotism and hard work and family have disappeared, so we’re turning to new secular religions, cults, instead. That’s what this climate change cult really is. It is a belief system that substitutes for feelings like faith and patriotism. That’s why you see it amongst young people in particular,” he continued.

“The more we dilute that to irrelevance with our own positive vision for American national identity, the less we will obsess over the secular climate cults,” he said.

Ramaswamy went on to say he would reverse Biden’s anti-fossil fuel policies and implement one that encouraged more exploration and drilling.

“I think we need to drill, frack, burn coal, and embrace nuclear energy for that matter too. And one of the mysteries, the biggest opponents to carbon emissions are also opponents to nuclear energy in the United States. That says the climate agenda has nothing to do with the climate, it is about global equity — letting China and the rest of the world catch up to the United States,” he said.


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