Google Docs Will Start Censoring Politically Incorrect Speech

Google Docs Will Start Censoring Politically Incorrect Speech

A report by the Telegraph finds that Google’s document editor will begin to correct language as people type, to ensure that the language being used is more “inclusive.”

The report, titled “Big Brother (sorry, Big Person) is correcting you on Google, shows how the company will implement “inclusive warnings” in Google Docs, to curb the use of terms such as “landlord” (which should be landperson) or “police man” (which should be police person) because of their gendered language.

The warnings will tell Google Docs users when their words “may not be inclusive to all readers,” and will suggest that users “Consider using different words,” offering a woke alternative to the language you use.

The report says that even terms like “motherboard” fall prey to Google’s woke new style guide.

The Google woke gaslighting doesn’t stop there, however. If users Google John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech, the woke tech platform will tell you that Kennedy said “for all humankind” rather than “for all mankind.”

The director of the rights group Big Brother Watch says that the new language policing is “deeply intrusive.”

“With Google’s new assistive writing tool, the company is not only reading every word you type but telling you what to type,” she noted.

“This speech-policing is profoundly clumsy, creepy and wrong, often reinforcing bias. Invasive tech like this undermines privacy, freedom of expression and increased freedom of thought,” Carlo added, the Telegraph reports.

A senior scholar in economic policy at the International Centre for Law and Economics, Lazar Radic, said that “Not only is this incredibly conceited and patronizing – it can also serve to stifle individuality, self-expression, experimentation, and – from a purely utilitarian perspective – progress.”

Radic explained, “What if ‘landlord’ is the better choice because it makes more sense, narratively, in a novel? What if ‘house owner’ sounds wooden and fails to invoke the same sense of poignancy? What if the defendant really was a ‘housewife’ – and refers to herself as such? Should all written pieces – including written forms of art, such as novels, lyrics, and poetry – follow the same, boring template?”

Google has stated that “Assisted writing uses language understanding models, which rely on millions of common phrases and sentences to automatically learn how people communicate. This also means they can reflect some human cognitive biases.”



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