Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Now CANCER-FREE

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Now CANCER-FREE

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared some good news across his social media on Thursday, announcing that his wife, Casey DeSantis, is officially cancer-free.

“After going through both treatment and surgery for breast cancer, she is now considered cancer-free,” Ron DeSantis said in the video. “… She still has more to do, but I’m confident she’s going to make a full recovery. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers,” said the governor in his video address.

DeSantis’ wife, Casey, had been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41 in October of 2021. She completed her final round of Chemotherapy in January of 2022.

DeSantis cheered his wife on, calling her a “very, very strong woman.”

“She fights. She’s tough,” DeSantis said. “I mean she’s basically resigned that, you know, better that she has to go through it than others who may not be able to handle it as well. And that’s just, that’s why I love her. She’s an exceptional person.

Casey also released a statement, saying: “There are no words to express how truly blessed, grateful and humbled I am to hear the words cancer-free. To those who are in the fight, know there is hope. Have faith and stay strong.”



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