Film Critics Refuse to See Daily Wire Doc 'What Is A Woman': ‘I’m Not Reviewing A Film By A Bigot’

Film Critics Refuse to See Daily Wire Doc 'What Is A Woman': ‘I’m Not Reviewing A Film By A Bigot’

It is the job of a ‘film critic’ to actually go to see movies in order to be able to rate them, but some critics are refusing to see a new documentary produced by The Daily Wire because they have pre-judged the character of the film’s producer.

Even though the documentary began trending on social media and became the single most-trafficked live-stream event in the outlet’s history, film critics refused to even watch it and then review it, resorting to profanities and accusations of “transphobic” bigotry.

Meanwhile, fans love it — even though only one critic mustered up the courage to offer a review, audience members gave the original film a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

On Friday, Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh — who upends the gender ideology movement merely by asking one simple question — shared email responses from film critics invited to watch “What is a Woman?” by Daily Wire VP of Public Relations and Publishing Alyssa Cordova.

Despite “What is a Woman?” being “the most talked-about film in the country right now and a smash hit,” according to Walsh, film critics “were less than enthusiastic” when given the opportunity to share their views on the doc.

“Unsubscribe. Lose my email. Forget my name,” one critic whined.

“Hard f***ing pass. I won’t give that transphobic bigot a platform on my site,” another responded. “Never email me again!”

“Absolutely f***ing not. He’s a bigot and you should be ashamed to be associated with him,” said another. “Have a great weekend!”

“Yeah, I’m not reviewing a film by a bigot,” another supposed critic complained.

Cordova noted that she recognized “if we received any reviews as a result of this pitch that many — or even most — would be scathingly bad.” However, she noted further that she was surprised that even film critics are “so ideologically hollow that they can’t stand to actually WATCH the movie to give it a bad review.”

Of those who did have the ‘courage’ to watch the documentary, which is currently available on-demand to Daily Wire subscribers, they likely weren’t surprised to see so-called “experts” refuse to even consider ideas that challenge their pre-determined worldview.

In the film, Walsh talks to medical professionals, activists, lawmakers, and many others who push radical gender theory in a search for the answer to a very simple question — “What is a woman?” — “only to be repeatedly met with deflections and character accusations,” The Daily Wire noted.

“The Left can’t help but prove the point of the film,” Walsh said of the critics who refused to see the film. “They are too terrified to even watch it.”

The outlet reported that while critics refused to watch the documentary, hackers launched a DDOS — distributed denial of service — attack on The Daily Wire website, flooding it with artificial traffic in an attempt to block out real users and viewers.

Nevertheless, despite the effort, the outlet reported adding more paid subscribers on a single day than at any other time in the site’s history.

“We are working to address these challenges in real time,” Daily Wire Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing noted earlier in the week. “Even so, the premiere had more viewers than any stream in the history of the site. A huge success for an amazing film.”

Here is a snippet:


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