Fatherly.com Piece Suggests Parents Take Their Kids to 'Pride' Events, Admits They Include 'Kink' and 'Public Nudity'

Fatherly.com Piece Suggests Parents Take Their Kids to 'Pride' Events, Admits They Include 'Kink' and 'Public Nudity'

A column posted at Fatherly.com calls on parents to take their kids to so-called ‘pride’ parades while going on to point out that such events will likely include “public nudity” and “kink.”

But in reality, without even realizing it, the writer makes a great case for why parents should avoid taking their kids to those events.

“Pride Parades and the Pride festivals that follow are noisy and crowded. They’re filled with sights that may be new to kids, like public nudity and kink. Not to mention that Pride parades aren’t the most sober of places. So is it appropriate to take your young kids to Pride?” the piece asks. “Considering the benefits for all families — including seeing other LGBTQ+ families like yours, or showing up as an ally if your family members are straight and cisgender — the answer is absolutely.”

The column goes on to note that Jenifer McGuire, a lesbian, has attended pride events with her children, who have learned to expect nakedness.

“They just had to learn to laugh and enjoy things. Like there were these Beanie Babies with giant penises on them,” McGuire said, according to the outlet. “For a fourth- and fifth-grade kid, that’s super funny.”

Except that it’s not ‘super funny’ — they are likely laughing because it’s super uncomfortable for them. And by the way, remember when our country had laws that forbade sexualizing children?

As The Blaze notes, the column also suggests that parents who are sick enough to take their kids to these events (child abuse, anyone? Anyone?) ‘prep’ them by reading them ‘children’s books’ featuring LGTBQ topics.

“Before going to Pride, you should also sit your kids down with a few more children’s books about LGBTQ+ people and families. Kids have a tendency to point and ask questions when they’re exposed to new things, and you don’t want people celebrating Pride to become a convenient life lesson for your children,” the column states.

Responding to a tweet about the article, The Blaze’s Delano Squires commented, “This type of ‘fatherly’ advice (written by a woman, btw) is why we’re in this position today. No father who actually loves his kids would subject them to ‘nudity and kink’ in the name of ‘allyship’ or any other political agenda.”

Others responded as well, including Conservative Brief associate editor Jon Dougherty, who wrote: “This used to be a blatant, open-and-shut case of child abuse.”

“This site is called Fatherly? How sad. Any father who takes his kid to pride parades should be put in jail for child endangerment. The pedos are out for your kids and their telling you to hand them over. Over my dead body,” another user wrote.

“The U.S. military and government have hailed so-called Pride Month. President Joe Biden issued a proclamation. The Department of Homeland Security and Department of the Treasury have both hoisted pride flags. The Marine Corps saluted LGBT service members and posted a graphic that featured bullets with brightly colored tips, in an apparent nod to the LGBT rainbow symbol. The Air Force also issued a tweet recognizing Pride Month,” The Blaze added.


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