Facebook Was Used More Than Any Other Platform To Organize Jan 6th Riot, So Why Was Parler Deplatformed

Facebook Was Used More Than Any Other Platform To Organize Jan 6th Riot, So Why Was Parler Deplatformed

According to the Department of Justice charging documents, Facebook was used more than any other social media site when it came to organizing the Jan. 6 riots, yet Parler was deplatformed for this reason.

Daily Caller reports:

The Program on Extremism at George Washington University has collected the indictments of 223 people who have been charged for participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which caused five deaths and temporarily delayed the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

Facebook was used by 73 of the people charged with crimes, more than all other social media sites combined, according to a Forbes analysis.

Forbes reported that Parler was only used by eight people that were charged yet they were taken down from Amazon Web Services (AWS) who hosted their platform along with being removed from Apple and Google’s app stores.

According to the Washington Post, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg passed blame to Parler and Gab saying, “I think these events were largely organized on platforms that don’t have our abilities to stop hate, don’t have our standards and don’t have our transparency.”

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Maxine Waters Denies Telling Supporters To Harass Members of Trump Administration

In a Sunday interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, Rep Maxine Waters, D-CA, denied the accusation that she told her supporters to harass members of the Trump Administration.

In her interview Waters stated, ” as a matter of fact, if you look at the words that I used, the strongest thing I said was tell them they’re not welcome. “[I said] Talk to them. Tell them they’re not welcome. I didn’t say go and fight. I didn’t say anybody was going to have any violence. And so they can’t make that stick.”

Fox News reports:

Watters came under fire in 2018 for telling the same network that she had “no sympathy” for administration officials who defended Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, and urged her supporters to “absolutely harass them” when appearing in public.

“They’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store,” Waters said at the time. “The people are going to turn on them, they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them.”

Her comments came after then-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and former press secretary Sarah Sanders were confronted with their families in public over Trump’s controversial family separation policy.

When speaking with Laura Ingraham from “The Ingraham Angle”, Bruce Castor, Trump’s lead impeachment attorney was asked if he would use the video of Waters inciting violence from 2018 in which he replied, “I think you can count on that.”

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Rand Paul: If we are Criminalizing Speech, Impeach Schumer for Threats Against SCOTUS Justices

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) is calling for the impeachment of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for making threats against Supreme Court Justices Neal Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

While the Senator says he opposes the criminalization of speech, if Democrats will go after Republicans for their rhetoric, members of their own party must be held to the same standard.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday”, he said, “I opposed the notion of — which I think was a misguided notion, a voting to overturn the election either with Congress or with the vice president,” Paul said. “But I think if we are going to criminalize speech and somehow impeach everybody who says, oh, go fight to hear your voices heard, really we ought to impeach Chuck Schumer then. He went to the Supreme Court, stood in front of the Supreme Court, and said specifically, hey Gorsuch, hey Kavanaugh, you’ve unleashed a whirlwind, and you’re going to pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you continue with these awful decisions.”

Paul was referring to the comments Schumer made in March of 2020 at a pro-abortion rally.

In fact, Schumer’s language was so inflammatory, Paul pointed out, that “the chief justice, who rarely says anything publicly, immediately said this kind of language is dangerous as a mob tried to invade the Supreme Court.”

Paul also suggested lawmakers such as Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) should also be held to the same standard.

“So if people want to hold President Trump accountable for language, there has to be a consistent standard, and to my mind, it’s a partisan farce because they’re not doing anything to Chuck Schumer, not doing anything to Representative Omar, not doing anything to Maxine Waters. It’s just not fair. It’s just partisan politics under a different name.”

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