San Fran School Board to Rename 44 Schools With Names Labeled Racist by Woke Activists

San Fran School Board to Rename 44 Schools With Names Labeled Racist by Woke Activists

Many said this was coming, including Trump, and now the San Francisco school board president, Gabriela López, 30, and the school board voted 6-1 to change 44 schools names that have been branded racist by current woke activist, including schools with the names Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Parents and residents were troubled to find out committee members allegedly used references from Wikipedia and other unreliable sources to determine which personalities were racist and problematic rather than consult with actual historians on the matter.

Daily Mail reports:

Several of those citations have now been proven to be factually incorrect, including a false claim that American poet James Russell Lowell did not want black people to vote and that Paul Revere’s military activities were tied to ‘the conquest of the Penobscot Indians’. 

Gabriela López, the head of the San Francisco Board of Education, continues to defend the decision claiming in a tense interview with the New Yorker that she doesn’t want to ‘discredit the work that this group has done’ despite their use of inaccurate information.

She claimed that she did not believe the names had been selected in a haphazard way, even after being read a list of the misinformation that was used in some of the decisions. 

‘No, because I’ve already shared with you that the people who have contributed to this process are also part of a community that is taking it as seriously as we would want them to,’ Lopez argued about the errors made in the research process.

Lopez said that she did not believe Lincoln was a person she would ‘admire or see as a hero’.

It seems like we are well on our way to making George Orwell’s “1984” non-fiction.


New Jersey Passes Bill that Requires "Social Justice" and Racism Education in Public Schools

New Jersey lawmakers would like public schools to be held more accountable when it comes to teaching black history. Last month, lawmakers passed a bill that, if signed by Gov. Phil Murphy, would make it a requirement for schools to learn about racism and social justice in order to graduate.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

“Our children will learn about Black history and not just being a slave,” said Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D., Hudson), one of the bill’s sponsors. “We will know the contributions that Black people continue to do.”

The new law will complement the state’s Amistad law, which requires public schools to incorporate African American history. Her bill will put the Amistad Commission under the state Department of Education, tighten regulations and oversight, and mandate professional development for teachers.

Students in high schools across the region have been pushing for changes this year after the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. They want schools to address systemic racism and implicit bias among staff and students.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania require history to be taught, but districts decide the content of their courses.

Cherry Hill East, a school system noted by the Inquirer as “predominantly white,” would be the first school in the state to mandate the course on African-American history in order to graduate. The course was proposed by the students after a Black Lives Matter protest in the spring.

Pleasantville first-grade teacher Tamar LaSure-Owens, who has been leading a charge to infuse Black history into everyday lessons, believes the latest legislation would help teachers better present historically accurate and culturally sensitive information about all races.

“We need training,’ said LaSure-Owens, who has helped develop a model Black history curriculum at the Leeds Avenue School. “We need a curriculum that we can put our hands on.”

Full the full story click here.


CDC Says Teachers Do Not Need To Be Vaccinated To Reopen Schools

Teachers do not need to be vaccinated in order for schools to reopen according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In cites such as Chicago and Los Angeles, teachers unions are resisting the effort to put teachers back in the classrooms without proper precautions in place, including vaccinations.

The Blaze reports:

According to a Wednesday report from CNBC, newly appointed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says that teachers do not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before schools can reopen.

In statements during a COVID-19 White House press briefing, Walensky said, “There is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated. Vaccinations of teachers is not a prerequisite of reopening schools.”

She also explained that a CDC advisory committee has placed teachers in the “1B” category — the same as essential workers — to receive vaccines, placing them second in line for priority to receive the injections.

The CDC has stated that there is “little evidence” of widespread coronavirus transmission in schools and many schools across the country have been open for in person teaching for a while with little to no issues.

Full story at the Blaze.


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