CDC Recommends Guidance on "Safe" Monkeypox Sex

CDC Recommends Guidance on "Safe" Monkeypox Sex

The CDC, which spent much of the past two years telling Americans to stat at least six feet away from one another, has come out with guidance on how to have sex while avoiding monkeypox. While they say that one should avoid having sexual relations with a person who has contracted monkeypox, the CDC notes that “in cases where the urge arises,” participants in sexual activity should follow a set of dos and donts, reports The Daily Mail.

Among these guidelines are that the participants should keep their clothes on and engage in “dry humping,” should engage in masturbation, albeit while six feet apart, and should probably avoid kissing.

Monkeypox is a contagious illness that manifests in lesions and rashes, hence the CDC’s concerns over nudity and recommendations that clothes remain on during sexual activity, as the lesions can spread the illness.

Monkeypox, which the World Health Organization has stated it intends to rename to avoid the apparently racist implications of naming a disease after monkeys, from whom it is believed the disease originated, tends to clear in about four weeks.

Once a person is infected symptoms do not tend to appear for about eight days.

The guidance from the CDC reads:

“If you or a partner has monkeypox, the best way to protect yourself and others is to not have sex of any kind (oral, anal, vaginal) and not to kiss or touch each other’s body’s while you are sick, especially any rashes or sores.”

“[But] if you or your partner have (or think you might have monkeypox) and you decide to have sex, consider the following to reduce the chance of spreading the virus,” the CDC informs before going on to describe their plans for sexual activity without infection.

During the pandemic, the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia offered similar guidance, even going as far as to suggest that to avoid Covid but still have sex, participants should engage in “glory holes.”

YouPorn offered funding to install “glory holes” throughout the province, touting the kink as a “safe sex” alternative for Covid, as per the provincial government.

Canada’s Dr. Teresa Tam advised Canadians to wear masks during sex, and insisted, too, that they be used while engaging in sex via “glory holes.”

“Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease, with anyone at risk of catching it from others should they touch a rash or skin lesion. But the World Health Organization is currently looking into reports that the rash-causing virus may be spread through the semen,” reports The Daily Mail.


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