Black Academics Stand up for Clarence Thomas

Black Academics Stand up for Clarence Thomas

Black academics and leaders have signed an open letter condemning white woke progressives for their “barrage of racist, vicious, and ugly personal attacks.”

The letter, which was written by Brown University professor Glenn Loury, called out the racially-charged backlash that Justice Thomas received following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, giving abortion rights back to the states.

“White progressives do not have the moral authority to excommunicate a black man from his race because they disagree with him,” the letter, published Wednesday on Real Clear Politics. “And those — regardless of background — who join in the charade or remain silent are guilty of enabling this abuse.”

“Whether it is calling him a racist slur, an ‘Uncle Tom’ or questioning his ‘blackness’ over his jurisprudence, the disparagement of this man, of his faith and of his character, is abominable,” the letter said.

“Regardless of where one stands on Justice Thomas’ personal or legal opinions, he is among the pantheon of black trailblazers throughout American history and is a model of integrity, scholarship, steadfastness, resilience, and commitment to the Constitution of the United States of America. For three decades Justice Thomas has served as a model for our children. He has long been honored and celebrated by black people in this country and his attackers do not speak for the majority of blacks.

“He is entirely undeserving of the vitriol directed at him. Character assassination has become too convenient a tool for eviscerating those who dare dissent from the prevailing agenda, especially when it is a black man who is dissenting,” the letter continues.

The letter comes after a barrage of racist attacks were made to Thomas by pro-choice allies. Left-wingers have piled on the Justice, including politicians and celebrities.

Way-past-his-prime actor Samuel L. Jackson joined in on the dog pile, calling Thomas “Uncle Clarence” in a tweet, a reference to “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

“This is not about the content of the court’s decisions or Justice Thomas’ personal views; some of the undersigned agree with his judicial decisions and some do not. We speak out – as black people and Americans – to condemn these attacks and support Justice Thomas, because to remain silent would be to implicitly endorse these poisonous schemes as well as his destruction,” the letter said.


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