Biological Male Housed In All-Female Prison Dorm to Become First to Undergo Taxpayer-Funded Sex Change Behind Bars

Biological Male Housed In All-Female Prison Dorm to Become First to Undergo Taxpayer-Funded Sex Change Behind Bars

The damaging effect of the left’s transgender agenda on our culture is one thing, but when it begins to include abuse of taxpayers as well, we’ve moved beyond the absurd.

According to The Blaze, a biological male who is currently incarcerated at an all-female prison in northern Texas is slated to become the first transgender in the U.S. to undergo a sex-change operation while locked up.

The outlet reports:

Cristina Nichole Iglesias, 47 — who is set to finish out a 20-year prison term in December 2022 for threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction against the U.K. government — claims to suffer from “severe” gender dysphoria, a condition in which people feel as though their biological sex does not match their gender identity.

After lodging repeated complaints for years of sexual abuse from fellow prisoners on account of transgender identity, Iglesias was eventually awarded transfer to an all-women’s facility in Texas in May 2021. But the change of scenery allegedly hasn’t been enough to alleviate the stress of the condition.

Because of course not.

The Chicago Sun-Times adds:

A federal judge this week ordered the U.S. Bureau of Prisons’ Transgender Executive Council to evaluate a former Illinois inmate for gender confirmation surgery, marking the first time a judge has issued such an order to the federal prison system.

It could pave the way for the first gender confirmation operation for an inmate while in federal custody, said Ed Yohnka, a spokesman for the ACLU Illinois, which is representing the inmate, now housed in Texas.

If this inmate is ‘awarded’ the sex-change operation, it will come at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, and that is an outrage — even more so than the U.S. Bureau of Prisons even having a “Transgender Executive Council” in the first place.

But if so, then it will also pave the way for more massive taxpayer abuse, as Yohnka suggests.

“It’s especially a big deal if you’re someone who has been suffering with gender dysphoria and unable to access the health care you want for years while you’re being detained,” Yohnka said Tuesday. “The second thing is, the estimate is there are about 1,200 people who are transgender in federal custody. We have a responsibility to take care of those people once they are in custody, and that includes their health care and whatever those needs are.”

Iglesias claims that the male genitals he/she continues to carry are like a “malignant tumor,” according to the Sun-Times. So it’s imperative that they be removed, pronto.

Now for the really insulting part: Iglesias wants the surgery post-haste because he/she is set to be released from prison on December 21 of this year, when he/she will have to then come up with the money on his/her own for the surgery.

“I am very excited that the court has intervened on my behalf; without that happening, I would continue to fall through the cracks and BOP would ignore my need for gender-affirming surgery, which I’ve been fighting to get for decades,” Iglesias said in a statement, according to the Sun-Times. “I am happy to have had the chance to tell my story and am hopeful that other transgender people will benefit from my case.”

In her ruling, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Nancy J. Rosenstengel of the Southern District of Illinois wrote: “Iglesias suffers daily and is at risk of self-mutilation and suicide.”

“There is an inadequate remedy at law, as money will not make Iglesias whole. She is at risk for suicide, and her psychological condition will continue to deteriorate,” the judge continued.

This entire case is obscene. In a rational society, his/her request would have been dismissed out of hand as ludicrous. But now, thanks to a federal judge, American taxpayers are on the cusp of being abused by the left’s culture warriors once again.


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