Australia Announces Lockdowns For Unvaccinated – Work, Outdoor Exercise No Longer Considered ‘Essential’

Australia Announces Lockdowns For Unvaccinated – Work, Outdoor Exercise No Longer Considered ‘Essential’

The Land Down Under continues to become more authoritarian, just like other Western democracies, in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, as evidenced by the latest dictate from an Australian leader.

The Northern Territory has officially imposed another tyrannical lockdown on any citizens who have not yet been “fully vaccinated” against the virus for at least the next several days as officials use the spread of the not-very-serious omicron variant as their justification.

According to the edict, anyone 16 and older who has yet to become fully vaccinated cannot leave their homes until at least next week, even if they are trying to exercise outdoors or go to work (the one recommendation — exercising outdoors — that would have helped people stay in better shape to ward off the virus has never been recommended throughout this pandemic by ‘official’ sources).

Notes The Gateway Pundit:

Essentially, anyone refusing the experimental jab is prohibited from making a living right now.

Capitalizing on the hysteria surrounding the rapidly-spreading, common-cold-like Omicron variant, Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced the lockdown, which is one of the world’s harshest yet, during a press conference on Thursday.

Gunner falsely claimed that anyone who is not vaccinated is at a “greater risk” of catching COVID-19, thereby justifying his lockdown order. But in fact, this lie has been employed repeatedly through the pandemic and even now, when omicron is spreading and is the least-lethal of all previous strains. What’s more, as several reports have noted, vaccinated people are about as likely to continue catching the virus as those who are unvaccinated, as noted by a recent analysis of data from the UK Health Security Agency.

“The fully-vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone 16 and above. If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home. You are at greater risk of catching COVID, becoming ill, and needing hospital care,” Gunner claimed.

There are a few exemptions. Not fully vaxxed people can leave their homes if they are venturing out for ‘essential’ goods including food and medicine, to get medical treatment, or to help someone else who cannot get out of their homes and cannot help themselves (what a humanitarian, this Gunner). However, not adequately vaccinated Australians can’t venture more than 30 kilometers from their homes and are required to shop or visit the closest store or facility.

One of the more notable changes from prior lockdowns is the disallowance of outdoor activity and exercise as well as going to work. the Northern Territory chief medical officer has determined that breathing fresh air and making a living are not “essential” to survival and as such it is “critical” to restrict movement.

“There are only three reasons to leave the home now, not five. Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated. The chief health officer has also determined that restriction of movement is critical right now and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential,” Gunner declared.

“You may only leave home for three reasons – medical treatment, including Covid testing or vaccination – for essential goods and services, like groceries, power tokens, and medications – [and] to provide care or support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves,” he added.

As for the UK Health Security Agency data regarding vaccinated persons, COVID hospitalizations, and deaths, the outlet Daily Expose determined it shows three things:

The Covid-19 injections do not prevent infection.

The Covid-19 injections do not prevent transmission.

According to the data it does not look like they prevent hospitalisation or death either.

“The only thing that the Covid-19 injections currently prevent is the respect of the basic human rights afforded to every person prior to March 2020,” the outlet noted, correctly.


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