Bill Maher Says He Hasn't Changed, but the Woke Are Getting Crazier

Bill Maher Says He Hasn't Changed, but the Woke Are Getting Crazier

Famously left-wing comedian Bill Maher is no longer feeling so left these days, though he says it’s not fault of his own, and is instead the fault of changing political climate drenched in insane wokeism.

Maher appeared on the Ben Shapiro Sunday Special, where he told the show’s namesake that he wanted to be clear with viewers, saying that he has not changed political viewpoints after nearly two decades.

“When you say woke,” said Maher, “I make fun of it too, because it’s become an eye roll in many ways. “I assume, at a certain moment, and it wasn’t that long ago, we didn’t have the term,” Maher Said. “I only heard it, I don’t know, what, it was three or four years ago? Five years ago at most, when we heard the term ‘woke’?”

Maher says that the initial definition of woke—being alert to social injustices—was something he was “down” for. “I hope people still understand that about me,” he told Shapiro.

“But, yes, it became sort of a byword for all of this goofy stuff. That’s what I’m always railing against. That’s why they play me on Fox News now.”

Shapiro asked Maher how he felt about being played on Fox News, to which he said “I haven’t changed at all. My politics haven’t changed. They’ve changed. “People say to me sometimes, ‘Have you changed?’ No!”

“It’s that, five years ago, no one was talking about defunding the police. I never heard that phrase five years ago. That’s not me changing, that’s things changing. I’m reacting to it, as I’ve always been.”

“Letting three-year-olds decide what gender they are, this wasn’t something five years ago!”

“Free speech used to be a left-wing thing that we were proud [of] and owned, and now, that seems to be under attack.”


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