U.S. Border About to Be Inundated With 70,000-Plus Migrants

U.S. Border About to Be Inundated With 70,000-Plus Migrants

While Americans’ attention has been on the war in Ukraine, the price of gas, and the rising cost of food, housing, and everything else during the Biden era, our gaze as diverted away from the U.S.-Mexico boundary, where customs and border agents are still coming in contact with about 150,000 illegal crossers a month.

No sooner than Joe Biden sat down behind the Resolute Desk in the White House than he began signing a massive stack of executive orders, many undoing former President Donald Trump’s very effective border and immigration enforcement policies. The result was predictable: Waves of migrants began flowing to — and across — the U.S. southwest border in record numbers.

One of the policies Biden undid was Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, the so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy that required Border Patrol officials to deport most illegal migrants back across the border where they awaited the outcomes of their immigration and asylum claims. Most simply packed up and went back home.

Federal courts have since ordered Biden to restart the program, and he has — sort of. The number of migrants being sent back is a paltry amount and in fact, Republicans have accused Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of intentionally slow-walking the program until the administration can find a federal judge that will finally allow the president to get rid of it.

Meantime, a fresh new wave of tens of thousands of migrants is headed toward the U.S. border, compliments of our ‘friends’ south of the border, per Townhall:

In the far south of Mexico, the central government is about to release a sea of U.S.-bound migrants it has dammed up behind the bureaucratic barrier in the southernmost city of Tapachula. The coming swell has risen to more than 73,000 angry, mobbing, rioting migrants from January 1 through March 8, according to the Americas edition of EFE. 

Mexico has been blocking migrant forward movement under an agreement with the Biden administration as a kind of artifice that makes mass migration numbers at the American Southwest Border seem less than if Mexican just waved them all through. But instead, the agreement with Biden has Mexico using its National Guard to block roads out of Tapachula while requiring migrants to apply for Mexican humanitarian visas necessary to proceed unchecked north to the American border. The Mexicans slow-roll processing as the migrant population grows and agitates for release from what they call an “open prison city.”

But if very recent history is any indication, the Mexican government is just about to open the floodgates and let all 70+ thousand rush north without the permission papers, the quickest way to relieve their own domestic political problem. Those tens of thousands of migrants it blocked for Biden are rioting almost daily, demonstrating for “free passage” by sewing lips shut for dramatic protest effect, occupying Mexican immigration offices, battling one another, blocking city commerce – and constantly growing inside the pressure cooker.

Townhall notes that the current budding situation is nothing new — migrants have been corralled by the Mexican government before, only to eventually be released en masse so they can inundate U.S. borders.

For instance, the Mexican government released some 50,000 migrants in December employing what is known as an “ant operation,” a term that conjures up a tactic employed by criminal organizations to smuggle large volumes of drugs using small distributed groups and individuals in scores of single-file lines so that most of them avoid being noticed by the public or draw any media scrutiny.

The report noted that the ant operations are a win-win for Mexico and the U.S., both governments of which want to avoid the bad PR that comes either with rejecting mass amounts of migrants or allowing them in, as the Biden regime has been doing.

Either way, another wave is coming and if past is prologue, then the now-worthless DHS will serve as little more than a processing center.


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