Biden's New Covid-19 Coordinator Is an Insane Fauci Fanboy

Biden's New Covid-19 Coordinator Is an Insane Fauci Fanboy

Joe Biden’s brand new Covid-19 Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, has been revealed to be an Anthony Fauci fanboy as well as an advocate for vaccine passports, The National Pulse’s Natalie Winters has revealed.

The replacement for outgoing Covid Coordinator Jeff Zients proclaimed that Anthony Fauci is his personal “role model.”

Writing for The Economist in April, Dr. Jha made a case for vaccine certificates to beat COVID-19.”

“Vaccine certificates are needed so everyone’s full participation in society can be restored,” he wrote, further claiming that complaints that vax passes are “infringement on personal freedom” was “nonsense.”

“As countries administer Covid-19 vaccines, having a vaccine certificate—a simple, reliable and secure way to determine who is inoculated—will be critical to making work, school, restaurants, houses of worship and other places safe for everyone,” Dr. Jha wrote.

He also wrote a Twitter thread demanding vaccine mandates for air travel:

But that’s not all. Dr. Jha also made excuses for Black Lives Matter protesters violating Covid restrictions in a hypocritical op-ed in The Guardian.

From the National Pulse:

Despite Dr. Jha’s hardline approach to COVID-19 restrictions, he appeared to endorse the Black Lives Matter protests occurring throughout 2020 in an oped-for the Guardian, “Why Protests Aren’t As Dangerous For Spreading Coronavirus As You Might Think.”

In the article, Dr Jha claimed:

“Anti-racism demonstrations are the perfect scapegoat for a rise in Covid-19 cases, but science suggests their risks can be mitigated… it is also clear that there is a serious risk and grave public health cost to not addressing systemic racism against black people in America.”

“If we are to confront systemic racism, such mass demonstrations seem “essential”, to use our new pandemic lexicon,” he argued.



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