Biden's Disgraced Former Disinformation Queen Blames Collapse of Board on Disinformation

Biden's Disgraced Former Disinformation Queen Blames Collapse of Board on Disinformation

CNN’s Dana Bash had as a guest on her Friday show the former chief of the now-disbanded “Disinformation Governance Board,” Nina Jankowicz, who claimed that the organization was “internal” in nature and never intended to “police speech.”

“I have to ask you Nina, many people are wondering about the idea of what was the purpose of this particular organization, what you were doing or overseeing,” started in the interviewer, while a caption below them read in large letters “Disinformation derails DHS’s effort to fight disinformation.”

“Because, if there were questions or concerns about the very tactics or the goals, why was that not communicated effectively?” Bash continued, leading the subject matter to the topic she wanted to handle publicly.

“Well, you know, I understand Americans’ concerns about the idea of government getting involved in policing speech. But, the good news is: the board had nothing to do with policing speech,” Was Jankowicz’s response. She continued, claiming that the oversight board wasn’t even meant to deal directly with the general public, in her own words, saying:

“The idea was that the board was gonna be an internal coordinating mechanism, making sure that DHS subcomponents, things like CPB – Customs and Border Patrol –, FEMA, which deals with natural disasters, You know, all of these components within DHS, were equipped with the tools they needed to continue the work to fight disinformation, that they’ve been doing for more than a decade already.”

“This absolutely could and should have been communicated better; I wanted it to be communicated better.”

“But, the reality is that the type of disinformation that DHS is charged with combatting and addressing is stuff that keeps Americans safe and secure.”


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