Biden Has Screwed Up So Badly Three-Quarters Of The Country Says So

Biden Has Screwed Up So Badly Three-Quarters Of The Country Says So

We can’t remember the last time that a president’s policies turned off three-quarters of the country, but it’s been a minute or two.

According to a new NBC News survey, 75 percent of Americans now believe their country is speeding down the wrong track just 16 months into the disaster known as the Joe Biden presidency. Just 16 percent think we’re headed in the right direction under Biden.

NBC noted that the poll is the fourth consecutive survey where the “wrong track” figure was above 70 percent and only the fifth time in 34 years that the “wrong track” number reached 75%. The last time it was that high was during the Great Recession in 2008, followed by the 2013 government shutdown.

“It is a flashing red light when you see a number like this,” Republican pollster Bill McInturff told the outlet.

McInturff’s firm, Public Opinion Strategies, conducted the poll for NBC News in conjunction with Democratic polling firm Hart Research Associates.

“Americans are telling us this is as bad as 2008,” McInturff added.

The same survey found that Biden’s approval has fallen to a paltry 39 percent — his lowest for NBC News — with a 56 percent disapproval rating.

The Daily Wire adds:

Biden’s approval was even lower on individual issues: just 33% of adults approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 62% disapproved; on the cost of living, just 23% approved of Biden’s handling of the cost of living, while 71% disapproved; just 34% of Americans approved of Biden on border security, compared to 58% who disapproved; and on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 41% of adults approved, while 48% disapproved.

Outside of Biden’s declining ratings, the Democratic Party as a whole also lagged behind the Republican Party in terms of overall approval. A total of 50% of adults had a negative view of the Democrats, while just 31% had a favorable opinion. Republicans, meanwhile, had lower negatives and higher positives than the Democrats: 46% of adults had a negative view of the Republican party, and 35% had a positive view. But Americans were evenly split, 46%-46%, on which party they wanted to control Congress.

Here are some more specifics from the survey:

— The two top concerns/issues for voters are skyrocketing inflation and the economy in general, and by a lot;

— “The cost of living” was choice No. 1 (22 percent) followed by “jobs and the economy (18 percent);

— Next, 12 percent of voters said “voting rights and election integrity” were top concerns;

— Just 10 percent think “abortions” are No. 1.

“The NBC News poll is the latest showing deep trouble for Biden and the Democrats going into the midterm elections. A nationwide survey conducted by Civiqs found that Biden’s approval rating was underwater in all but four states, while his national approval rating was just 36%,” the Daily Wire noted further.

“An ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted earlier this month showed that 94% of Americans were concerned about inflation and favored the Republican Party to handle it by a 14-point margin. Even on abortion, recent polls have shown that the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggesting Roe v. Wade would be struck down does not benefit Democrats in the midterms,” the report added.


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