NYC Mayor Eric Adams Believes Women Should Be Able to Abort Babies Until Right Before Moment of Birth

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Believes Women Should Be Able to Abort Babies Until Right Before Moment of Birth

New Yorkers who bought into Mayor Eric Adams’ ‘more moderate Democrat’ rhetoric before he won the most recent election are waking up to the reality that he’s just the same kind of left-wing extremist his most recent predecessors have been, same as every other Democratic politician in the Empire State.

Adams proved this again this week when he gave us all an ‘updated’ on his abortion views following the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade that was written in February by Justice Samuel Alito.

As for limits on the procedure, Adams has made it clear he doesn’t really want any. Worse, his extreme position — well outside of the mainstream of this country — came with a massive display of hypocrisy.

“Abortion is health care. It’s that simple. And New York City won’t let a group of radical extremists take away health care or any human right without a fight,” Adams tweeted Saturday using the hashtag “BansOffOurBodies.”

Fox News noted that Adams attended a pro-choice protest in New York City on Saturday “and said that he doesn’t believe there should be any limitations on abortion.”

“No I do not,” Adams said when asked at the “Bans Off Our Bodies” demonstration.

“I think women should have the right to choose their bodies,” Adams responded when pressed again about abortions up until the day of birth. “Men should not have that right to choose how a woman should treat their body.”

Apparently, that includes men who step up and want to do the right thing: Raise a child they helped create.

And yet, to these lunatics, choosing life is ‘extreme.’ Limiting abortions is ‘extreme.’ Calling the literal ending of human life — murder, if you will — ‘health care’ is not ‘extreme.’ Allowing women to abort their baby right up to the moment of birth is not ‘extreme.’

But again, Adams and his ilk are not in the American mainstream, per Fox News:

While more than six in 10 registered voters continue to believe the U.S. Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade, the latest Fox News poll also finds over half favor banning abortions after 15 weeks.

When asked how they would feel if such a law were passed in their state, just over half of voters favor it (54 percent) while 41 percent are opposed. 

Voters were also asked how they felt about a similar ban (with medical exceptions) on abortion after only six weeks, which is the new standard in Texas. Voters split on this policy: 50% favor vs. 46% oppose.

“Overall, 44% think abortion should be legal all (27%) or most of the time (17%), while a majority of 54% thinks it should be illegal all (11%) or most of the time (43%).  The “legal” number is a record low and it’s also the first time the portion saying “illegal” has been above 50% on a Fox News poll,” the network added.

Eric Adams and the far-left he panders to are not representative of the majority of Americans on this issue, and they never have been. That’s just true.


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