Biden DOJ Spied on Project Veritas Journalists' Apple and Google Accounts

Biden DOJ Spied on Project Veritas Journalists' Apple and Google Accounts

Nine secret subpoenas and warrants were issued by the Department of Justice to gather private information on Project Veritas journalists, CEO James O’Keefe said in a video released to the site on Wednesday.

Tech giants Apple and Google provided information on Veritas journalists and security detail. “The services we all use every day have also been compromised. New documents revealed that professional and private accounts from Apple and Google were secretly obtained as well. There are thousands of these secret orders issued every year, ours is just a fraction of that. Every day American citizens are also being spied on… signed without so much as a hearing,” said O’Keefe in the video.

The obtained documents reveal that the DOJ “compelled Apple and Google not to disclose that they were providing the individual’s private data to the government,” according to their report.

In response, Project Veritas will be filing a motion that will show that the DOJ acted in a way that violated the Fourth Amendment and Privacy Protection Act, as well as the First Amendment, and Common Law Reporter’s Privilege.

Project Veritas’ lawyer Paul Calli said that several laws were, indeed, broken.

“By no reasonable measure can the wholesale seizure of newsgathering materials, attorney-client privileged communications, and irrelevant personal information be considered a proportional response to an alleged low-grade larceny, much less to a non-crime,” said Calli in the motion by Veritas.

“The government knows the truth: Project Veritas engaged in journalism protected by the First Amendment,” said O’Keefe.

“As the Reporters Committee has requested of Federal Judge Analisa Torres, it is time for the DOJ’s affidavits, by which they obtained these unjustified subpoenas, be unsealed.”


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