AOC SLAMMED by NY Dem: 'She's Barely Ever Present' in District

AOC SLAMMED by NY Dem: 'She's Barely Ever Present' in District

A New York state lawmaker criticized fellow progressive Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter yesterday for being “absent” in her district. The criticism came after a medical student tweeted at AOC, stating that she was too busy making “performative” displays at Supreme Court protests, where she pretended to be handcuffed by police.

Online health activist Daniel tweeted at AOC, stating that her office called off a meeting with “highly respected health policy academics” that wanted to discuss socialized medicine, similar to the NHS in the United Kingdom.

The student wrote in a tweet that they were told “bluntly by AOC’s staff, we’re not doing healthcare right now.'”

“So, while she’s doing performative resistance art for the cameras she’s ‘not doing healthcare right now. We are in the middle of two pandemics & people are still dying because they lack healthcare. this is not fighting.”

AOC responded to the tweet by apologizing and asking the health activist to direct message her.

This led to a response from Democratic state Senator Jessica Ramos, whose district overlaps with AOCs.

“Maybe if you spent more time in your office and with your team, you’d know what goes on. Just saying it would be nice if you breathed our air. So, as an employer, what happens with the staffer who said this?” she said.

She continued: “I texted on 1/6 that I hope she’s ok and never even heard back. She doesn’t meet with local elected officials,” Ramos said. “The point is that’s when I gave up texting her. I reached out many times before. She hasn’t shown interest in meeting w me or other colleagues that I know about.”

AOC fans quickly accuse Ramos of being jealous of her, to which she said: “Nah. Just want my congressional representative to be around and do their job in the community.”

“My congressperson being absent is not dirty laundry. It’s never been with any other elected official.”


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