Angry Family Called Police On Energy Secretary Granholm and Team Over Electric Charging Space

Angry Family Called Police On Energy Secretary Granholm and Team Over Electric Charging Space

A family irate after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and her team blocked an electric vehicle charging spot with a non-electric vehicle called police on them earlier this summer.

As reported by Fox News, “Granholm’s staff got into a tiff with an unhappy family earlier this summer after her team tried to hold an electric vehicle charging spot by parking a gas car there, according to an NPR story from Sunday.

The NPR story was headlined, “Electric cars have a road trip problem, even for the secretary of energy.”

The four-day trip from North Carolina to Tennessee was “intended to draw attention to the billions of dollars the White House is pouring into green energy and clean cars,” the report stated.

Not surprisingly, the trip was “painstakingly mapped out ahead of time to allow for charging” to not highlight the serious problem of a serious lack of charging infrastructure throughout the country. But the trip was marred by something else entirely — drawing the ire of a family trying to get to a charging space.

“But between stops, Granholm’s entourage at times had to grapple with the limitations of the present,” NPR’s Camila Domonoske, who went on the trip with the secretary, wrote.

After her staff realized there were not enough charging slots for electric vehicles at a facility near Augusta, Ga., “an Energy Department staffer tried parking a nonelectric vehicle by one of those working chargers to reserve a spot for the approaching secretary of energy.”

“That did not go down well: a regular gas-powered car blocking the only free spot for a charger?” Domonoske continued.

“In fact, a family that was boxed out — on a sweltering day, with a baby in the vehicle — was so upset they decided to get the authorities involved,” she explained. “They called the police.”

When it was all said and done, Granholm’s team arranged for the family to have a charging station as the secretary was charging her vehicle.

Domonoske, who personally owns an electric car, recognized the significance of the confrontation and the implications it holds for the future of electric vehicles, as well as for the Biden administration.

“I drive an electric vehicle myself, and I’ve test-driven many more as NPR’s auto reporter. I know how easy it can be to charge when everything goes well and how annoying it can be when things go poorly,” she wrote. “Riding along with Granholm, I came away with a major takeaway: EVs that aren’t Teslas have a road trip problem, and the White House knows it’s urgent to solve this issue.”

For the majority of electric car owners with home charging stations, their daily routines usually enable them to steer clear of the situations faced by Granholm’s team. However, even a new all-electric Chevy Bolt, which NPR described as “affordable,” comes with a starting price of over $27,000, as per the Chevrolet website.

Many other all-electric vehicles remain too costly for American families, Fox News noted further.


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