America's First Trans Bishop Accused of Racism, Resigns in Disgrace

America's First Trans Bishop Accused of Racism, Resigns in Disgrace

American’s first Transgender Lutheran bishop Megan Rohrer has resigned from her position after allegations of racism. The allegations come after the bishop fired popular Hispanic pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez.

Rohrer is the first openly transgender bishop in the Lutheran church in the United States.

The Daily Mail reports: “Rev. Megan Rohrer, 42, who uses the pronouns ‘they,’ said that the ‘constant misinformation, bullying and harassment’ led to their resignation from the Sierra Pacific Synod, overseeing 200 congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern California and northern Nevada. Rohrer was elected in May 2021 to serve a six-year term.

The bishop faced allegations of racism after they called the police on a church member and her child, which church investigators called ‘an egregious action, especially when dealing with the vulnerable communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.'”

Rohrer was also accused of wearing a bulletproof garb when announcing the firing of Rabell-Gonzalez, who was fired from the Mision Latina Lutherana in DECEMBER 2021, just one day before the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe.

Rohrer said the vest was worn while making the announcement out of safety concerns.

Rabell-Gonzalez was fired following an investigation by the church into accusations of verbal harassment and retaliation allegations against the pastor. He has denied the allegations.

Congregants have said that the firing of the pastor was “unfair” and “racist,” with reports saying that congregants asked if the ” complaints against Rabell-Gonzalez were sexual in nature and were further upset when they did not get a response from Rohrer or other leaders.”

Rabell-Gonzalez’s Latino Ministries Association, claimed that Rohrer was a “white aggressor” who believed in “white supremacy and systemic racism” and they dispatched a “listening team” to assess the situation and provide feedback to the church’s leadership.

Lead bishop Reverend Elizabeth Eaton asked for Rohrer’s resignation and said that the church needed more cultural sensitivity training.


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