White House Press Secretary Lashes Out at Reporter When Pressed on Biden Corruption

White House Press Secretary Lashes Out at Reporter When Pressed on Biden Corruption

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre engaged in a tense exchange with reporters, particularly New York Post’s Steven Nelson, over allegations that President Biden had misled the public about his interactions with Hunter Biden’s business associates, Fox News Digital reported.

Jean-Pierre vehemently defended the president, stating there was “no evidence” to support claims of wrongdoing.

“What we’re seeing from House Republicans is wasted time. And it is certainly, you know, a baseless political slant. That’s what we’re seeing. And they’re leaving. House Republicans are leaving this week to go, you know, enjoy a nice holiday. Right? As most Americans should. But what happened to the funding to Ukraine?” Jean-Pierre said. “There’s been zero evidence, zero evidence. You can ask me about engagement and what the president has done with his family in conversation. But there’s no evidence,” Jean-Pierre continued.

The press secretary criticized House Republicans for initiating an official impeachment inquiry against Biden, dismissing it as a “baseless political stunt” and accusing them of wasting time that could be better spent addressing pressing issues such as funding for Ukraine and the potential government shutdown.

When questioned about the evidence contradicting Biden’s statements, Jean-Pierre insisted that the president was not lying and reiterated that Republicans were pursuing unfounded allegations. She argued that the GOP should focus on addressing critical matters instead of targeting the president’s family. The tense back-and-forth revealed the contentious atmosphere surrounding the impeachment inquiry and the broader political discourse.

President Biden had faced scrutiny during a recent press conference when questioned about his interactions with Hunter Biden’s associates. Despite evidence suggesting such interactions, Biden denied the allegations, dismissing them as “lies.”

The disagreement underscores the heightened political tensions surrounding the Biden administration and ongoing efforts by some Republicans to scrutinize the president’s family dealings.


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