White House Press Sec Says She Misheard Question That Led to Her Downplaying Antisemitism

White House Press Sec Says She Misheard Question That Led to Her Downplaying Antisemitism

In a recent White House press briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself as the subject of extreme controversy after what an incident that she says was a misunderstanding.

After a question about President Biden’s stance on the troubling surge in antisemitism on Monday, Jean-Pierre says that her response was incorrect as she did not understand the question correctly.

Saying that she had misunderstood the question, Jean-Pierre attempted to clarify her stance, saying, “As I have repeatedly emphasized from this podium and on air, antisemitism is a despicable blight that President Biden has fought against his entire life, and I remain resolute in that belief.”

Despite the subsequent clarification, Jean-Pierre’s initial response set off a flurry of criticism. The original question posed to her revolved around the level of concern in the Biden administration regarding the alarming rise in antisemitism in the wake of Hamas terrorists’ aggression against Israel.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), took to social media, expressing bewilderment over the response. He pointed out that the question specifically pertained to antisemitism, and the rising trend of anti-Jewish hate deserved undivided attention.

Jean-Pierre, who has tried to be vocal about the administration’s commitment Israel, highlighted the heinous nature of antisemitism and its increasing prevalence in the United States, clarified that despite the initial fumble, the White House remains ardently dedicated to addressing this issue.

The surge in antisemitic incidents in America has been nothing short of alarming. The ADL has been diligently monitoring a significant increase in antisemitic occurrences over the past weeks, further compounding already elevated levels of anti-Jewish hatred.


Additionally, data released by the FBI on October 16 shows that reported hate crime incidents in 2022 reached an all-time high, with anti-Jewish hate crimes seeing a significant surge.


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