VIVEK: "America First Defeated America Last" in NH After Trump's Big Win

VIVEK: "America First Defeated America Last" in NH After Trump's Big Win

Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy slammed Nikki Haley and framed former President Trump’s New Hampshire win as a “victory over America last.”

Speaking at Trump’s election headquarters, Ramaswamy proclaimed, “What we saw tonight is America first defeating America last.” He urged those supporting America last policies to turn to Joe Biden or Nikki Haley, suggesting they advocate for cutting social security to fund Ukraine.

Ramaswamy portrayed Trump’s double-digit victory as a triumph for “America first,” declaring, “You know who delivered a double-digit victory tonight? It is a double-digit victory as of right now, this man, Donald J. Trump, the leader of America first and that means something. USA and Donald Trump America first.”

Accusing Haley of embodying the “ugly underbelly of American politics,” Ramaswamy criticized mega-donors influencing the political landscape against the will of the people. He called on the people to reject such influences and asserted, “We the people create a government that is accountable to us.”

In contrast, Trump expressed his gratitude for the result, stating, “I’m very honored by the result.” Despite the victory, Haley, acknowledging Trump’s win, emphasized the early stage of the race and challenged the notion that it was over, stating, “New Hampshire is first in the nation. It is not last in the nation. This race is far from over.”

The focus now shifts to South Carolina, where Trump holds a significant lead over Haley in polls. As the primary season progresses, Ramaswamy’s comments highlight the internal divisions within the Republican Party regarding the direction and leadership they want to pursue.


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