Trump Leading Biden in Five Swing States, New Poll Shows

Trump Leading Biden in Five Swing States, New Poll Shows

In a recent NYT/Siena College poll across six key battleground states, Donald Trump leads President Biden by 4 to 10 percentage points in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, states he lost in the 2020 election.

The only state where Trump trails is Wisconsin, where Biden has a slight lead. These states represent 69 electoral college votes.

The poll reveals consistent trends across various states, showing Trump’s lead in critical swing states. While Trump is trailing in Wisconsin, he is ahead in most others, with notable margins. Trump’s favorability is also rising compared to Biden’s among the voters surveyed, even as both candidates face deep unpopularity.

There is concern about Biden’s age, as 71% of voters, including over half of his supporters, feel he is too old to be president. Meanwhile, only 39% consider Trump too old, including fewer of his supporters. Trump’s campaign attempts to capitalize on doubts about Biden’s health to counter the narrative about his age.

Although some political figures like former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell express confidence in Biden’s ability to win against Trump, critics and Democratic representatives suggest it’s time for Biden to step aside and make room for a new party leader. However, there’s still a year left before the 2024 elections, with upcoming off-year elections in Kentucky and Virginia, likely to serve as a further gauge of voter sentiments.

Trump’s campaign is gearing up, with a focus on boosting his presence in battleground states and making the most of the election exercise. The contrasting trends and sentiments signal a highly competitive landscape for the forthcoming presidential race.


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