My Conversation with Victor Davis Hanson

My Conversation with Victor Davis Hanson

Date Aired: March 28, 2022

Description: Charlie sits down with Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, and visiting professor at Hillsdale College, Victor Davis Hanson. Charlie and VDH have an in-depth and important conversation about the meaning of American citizenship, and it’s erosion over time, which amounts to a true existential threat to the future of the country. The two also discuss the rise of modern ideologues and elites, and how they’ve constructed a world in which they are immune from empiricism and facts, insulated by their systems of power guarded with a cultish fervor. But, as VDH explains, as the elites insulate themselves from the consequences of their own decisions, they assuage their guilt by “feeling terrible” and forcing that gloominess upon the rest of society. But where does this road end, and what does history warn us about our current trajectory? Can we pull out of this cycle of corrosion and corruption? Will there be a period of regeneration? VDH has the insights you need in this absolutely can’t miss episode with one of Charlie’s mentors and teachers in his first time on the show.

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