Is Will Smith the Jussie Smollett of the Oscars?

Is Will Smith the Jussie Smollett of the Oscars?

Date aired: March 28, 2022

Description: Charlie weighs into the biggest news story of the weekend. No, not Joe Biden nearly getting us into WW3 by threatening to remove Vladimir Putin from power; but the slap heard round the world! Charlie breaks down the Will Smith, Chris Rock slap frame by frame. Does the entire interaction make sense with how human beings behave in real fight? Or does this look like two actors putting on an Oscar worthy performance? Charlie breaks it all down including Will Smith’s acceptance speech and Chris Rock’s decision to not file a criminal complaint. Does it add up? Charlie explains his conclusion. Next up, Charlie reviews the disastrous polling from NBC—a notoriously Democrat friendly polling group—that has Biden at a record low approval rating. What are the main drivers for this most recent polling collapse. Charlie also gives an update on redistricting across the country and handicaps the GOP’s prospect of regaining control of the Senate. Charlie then moves to a little covered, but BLOCKBUSTER story out of the UK of a former news executive, Mark Sharman, who has blown the whistle on a government warning policy in that country demanding the UK media cover government COVID propaganda and ignore competing narratives. How much did this same tactic impact American media?

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