25th Amendment Time

25th Amendment Time

Date Aired: March 29, 2022

Description: As the National Football League introduces another layer of racist, CRT absurdity into their self-destructive policy playbook—a story Charlie unpacks in depth at the top of this episode—the man with the nuclear football is giving many Americans serious pause yet again with his latest series of slip-ups, gaffes, and walk-backs while overseas. Charlie makes the case for why, in the name of US National Security, Joe Biden must be removed from office. He explains the origin, purpose, and function of this Amendment—passed in the immediate aftermath of the JFK Assassination—and why there’s no excuse not to invoke it now, before its too late. He also walks through the latest update in the ongoing invasion at the US Southern Border as well as a hilarious story out of the admissions office at MIT that should give you hope for a more sane and stable future.

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