The Truth About Racism, CRT, and Black Abortion with Pastor John Amanchukwu, Sr.


Charlie welcomes preacher, speaker, and pastor, John Amanchukwu, Sr., LIVE from Freedom Night at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Pastor Amanchukwu is also author of the upcoming book, “Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion” and that’s exactly what Charlie and John discuss. Pastor Amancchukwu, a true Souther preacher, holds nothing back in a full-throated indictment of woeness, the LGBTQ agenda, and the “black genocide” of abortion in the black community that is killing 900 babies a day. If you’re ready for an unapologetic message on Christ, life, and the status of the church complete with a Q+A, this is an absolutely can’t miss episode of The Charlie Kirk Show. 

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