Ask Officer Tatum Anything: The Truth About BLM? What Red-Pilled Brandon? Should Groomers Be Arrested? Does the Bible Call for Christians NOT to Get Married? Normalizing Pedophilia? AND MORE


On this special edition of Ask Charlie Anything, Officer Brandon Tatum fills in for Charlie and takes your questions you email at [email protected] including: 

Should those who disagree on the LGBTQ issue be protected from committing hate crimes? Should people really get married if the Bible says that it’s better for Christians NOT to get married? What is the truth about BLM and should conservatives consider supporting any of their initiatives? Are teachers that are supporting helping children “come out” without their parents’ input be prosecuted? Why are left wingers trying to move the word pedophilia to minor attractive persons, (MPA)? Will the overturning of Roe v. Wade result in coat hanger abortions? Should Trump run again? And how did Brandon become a conservative…And much MORE! 

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